Riding holidays for youngsters

This summer organizes Les Olivettes a riding holiday for youngsters aged from 13 to 21 years old. In July we will travel with a small group of enthusiastic and charming girls to La Roche where we stay six nights and will ride 5 days!

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The price for this fabulous trip includes:

  • Rental horses
  • Guidance
  • Overnight at the Inn
  • Meals including snacks
  • Dutch and English speaking guide and tour leader

Minimum requirements

It is important that you:

  • have a minimum of two years of riding experience
  • have experience with riding outside
  • have a good control of the three basic gaits
  • have a maximum weight of 80 kilos

Tours and overnights

These will be tours of at least three hours a day through the rugged woods of the Ardennes. So we’ll climb steep hills, and make exciting descents and cross several rivers. This is very different from the forests in the Netherlands!! We will also make one day trip where we sit at least seven hours a day in the saddle!! A unique experience that you should not miss.

We spend the night at the inn that sits above the stables. We will ensure three meals a day including unlimited drinks and snacks.

Qualified tour guide

The tour will be accompanied by a qualified tour guide from the Netherlands and during the tours we are guided by a Dutch speaking guide who knows the area inside-out.
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