Picasso is one of the brothers from the gelding group. Picasso is a sweet and sociable horse, which allows him to quickly bond with his rider. It is pleasant to drive and has comfortable gaits. He likes to work, but also likes a nice snack of grass on the go. Picasso needs a leader and wants a little clarity. As soon as you are a match with Picasso, he will go through fire for you and no mountain is too high for this tough guy.


Myrna has been a member of our herd since 2018. Although Myrna was not born with us, she completely belongs in the hills of the Ardennes. She is a forward horse with very comfortable gaits and is an all-rounder. During the rides, she likes to take responsibility for the entire herd and shows that she is one of the fastest in a long run. Myrna is a sweet but temperamental mare. She would like to meet you!


Quastar is one of the brothers from the gelding group. He likes a nice fast pace and likes to run in front, which makes him ideal for the advanced rider. Quastar feels confident on the most difficult trails, effortlessly guiding his rider and the rest of the herd up a steep climb. During the canter he likes a sprint and he likes to show how fast he is.


Santiago is one of our youngest geldings. He is always ready for a ride and works hard. He is wonderful and easy to ride, with an advanced rider he likes to make a big gallop in the pasture and then shows his best side. Santiago is very obedient and likes to get a good connection with his rider. Treat him with respect and Santiago is your friend for the day.


Qrak is one of the brothers from the gelding group. It can provide you with the stability you need on a ride. Qrak takes good care of his rider and takes his rider into account. He feels comfortable in the herd but also likes to lead the way. Qrak is an attentive horse and careful. He is straightforward and very diligent, he walks smoothly but if you want to take it easy, that’s fine for him too.


Patou is a super reliable gelding who doesn’t take a step wrong. He was born with Christine and is therefore completely at ease during the rides. You don’t have to ask Patou anything and is therefore very calm and gives you a lot of self-confidence. Patou is very clearly recognizable by his hind leg with a piece of game meat, he has absolutely no problems with this. He likes to walk in the middle of the group and will never be startled by anything.
In short, a super reliable horse that is suitable for all riders!


Nana is our sweet and loyal mare. She has a calm and cool character and so she quickly knows how to put her rider at ease. Our sweet Nana is a real cuddly toy and likes to be pampered, a real girl’s horse! During the trips, she transforms into a real “tomboy” and chases the rest of the herd. She looks after her rider and ensures that you have a nice ride together.