Bookings and stay at Les Olivettes

Les Olivettes reserves the right to cancel the registration for the equestrian holiday in case of late payment.

Les Olivettes and its affiliated equestrian camp guides are not liable for loss or damage caused by the participants to third parties, horses and personal equipment. The participant takes care of a legal liability insurance. If you bring your own animal, your animal must be included.

To smoke
Smoking in the buildings and stables is prohibited.

Risks (1)
The participant and his or her parents or legal representatives are aware of and accept the risk inherent in riding and handling horses, which risk arises from the animal’s own energy and the related unpredictability and which risk arises can manifest before, during and after the hikes and equestrian holidays.

Risks (2)
The stay and all horse or non-horse related activities during the tours, packages and equestrian camps are at your own risk.

Safety helmet
It is mandatory to wear an approved safety helmet while driving.

Physical health
The health and driving experience of the participant must be sufficient to carry out the tours. The participant, his or her parents or legal representatives hereby declare that he / she is healthy or indicates details and defects at Les Olivettes or the equestrian camp guidance.

After payment of the riding holiday and receiving the confirmation email, the holiday is final and cannot be canceled. You must apply for your own cancellation insurance for this.
In case of cancellation, you can find a replacement participant at your own request in consultation with Les Olivettes.

Early departure
In case of premature departure of the participant, there will be no refund of the camp or package money.

Force of the majority
If the organization of the packages and equestrian camps cannot fulfill their obligations due to force majeure or insufficient participation, they are entitled to cancel the camp or package. They will inform the participant of this as soon as possible. Full refund of the amount paid will be made.

Horses brought along must be vaccinated against influenza, free from diseases and recently wormed.

During the youth camps and packages, video recordings can be made for the promotion of Les Olivettes, if you are against publication, we ask you to make this known before the start of the equestrian camp or package.

I know and understand the risks and hereby expressly accept that Les Olivettes and its companions cannot be held liable for any physical or material damage resulting directly or indirectly from a possible accident during, before or after riding. This exclusion of liability includes damage to the participant, to his horse (s), to third parties, to the horses of third parties, as well as to any object or building.